Wallpaper of the Day: Porto Moniz

Not only are the colors awesome, the clarity in this photo is outstanding. One of the most arresting aspects stems from the difference in the color of the sky reflected in the water; the sky radiates a nice, warm glow, whereas the water emits a cooler, teal-to-blue gradient. If you enjoy this type of photography you should definitely check out the artist's collection here.

For Photos, Ditch Facebook for Flickr

Facebook is great for easily sharing pictures from last night's debauchery, but it really falls short on quality. If you've ever tried to print out one of your Facebook photos (or someone else's for that matter) you'll immediately notice what I'm talking about. Do you archive your photos on your computer? Do you delete them immediately after uploading to Facebook? If you've ever taken a picture that you may want to print someday, I would recommend using Flickr for the following reasons: