So this is the first of many (hopefully) quick six reviews. Basically, I'll give you the top 6 reasons to buy the product as well as the bottom line. If you decide to buy the product, be sure to click on the Amazon links here on TakeItOrTakeIt! Here goes:

1. The "S" is for speed, and its for good reason. Its much faster than the 3G in so many ways - to the point where it makes sense to shell out more money to get the better processor. It makes doing everyday things much smoother and less frustrating, like the keyboard no longer has any lag when you first start typing.

2. The camera is actually good enough to use as a replacement for your point-and-shoot. To focus, you simply tap on the screen where you want to focus/set exposure and the camera quickly makes the appropriate readings. Also, video recording is much better than you'd think - 30 frames per second looks smooth and the auto-focus helps the clarity.

3. The compass is awesome - when you launch Google maps and hit the "Find Me" button twice, it orients the map to where you're pointing. This is especially useful when you're in a new place trying to figure out which way to start walking to find a cab.

4. The latest firmware (3.0) is really optimized for the 3GS, so it runs flawlessly on the new hardware. When using the new spotlight feature, search results are displayed almost instantly. This may be shameless self-promotion, but the wireless headphones I developed as a product manager for Motorola work amazingly well with the new 3.0 firmware: Motorla S305.

5. Open GL 2.0 support may not be so apparent right now, but when new games start coming out that utilize it, you'll appreciate the feature. The easiest way to think of it is 3G:3GS::PS:PS2. I already see a huge improvement in Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and it doesn't even utilize Open GL 2.0.

6. Voice Control - finally you can make calls without having to go to the phone, then contacts, then dial... all you have to do is hold down the home button and wait for the prompt. It works pretty well for me, but asking the iPhone to play a certain artist wasn't so hot.

The bottom line: I'm happy I paid the extra $299 to get the latest iPhone, so if you have $199 to $299 to blow on another iPhone, I would definitely suggest upgrading. Oh, and for you runners out there, the Nike+ support is pretty awesome, so that may be another reason to upgrade. If you do decide to get the latest iPhone, I've found this screen protector to work great: