Everyone knows what a standard bar code can do, but not everybody knows about the latest in scanning technology: the QR-Code. Basically, the code is square and allows for cameras to easily scan and interpret the code. Using a simple app like ShopSavvy for the iPhone or Barcode Scanner for Android, you can scan a QR-Code simply using your phone's camera. On my Droid, I was able to scan the QR-Code to the left in about a second.

So how do we make use of these things? Using this QR-Code Generator, you can easily create your own URL links, phone numbers, or even an sms message! The QR-Code to the left sends you right here, to TakeItOrTakeIt.com.

For most scenarios, having a simple hyperlink will do the trick, but if you're trying to link to something thats only available on the phone, using a QR-Code is MUCH faster than having the user type it in manually. Try it out - the code to the right links you to the Barcode Scanner app in the Android Market. How am I going to use it? I'm going to print this QR code on the back of my business card, making it easier for people to find my website.

Do you use barcode scanners? Have any suggestions on how best to use QR-Codes? Say so in the comments!